Hattula store
Metsänkyläntie 2, 13900 Pekola
open mon-thu 9-15, sunday 12-15
phone +358 (0)400-23 24 25

Our company's hearth is at Metsänkylä Manor near the spectacular Aulanko nature reserve. We are located right in between Hämeenlinna and Aulanko on the Hattula side (1.7km from the Aulanko hotel). If you visit our store on Sundays, you can also acquaint yourself with our other locations: Metsänkylän Navetta sells recycled building material and commands over 1000 square metres of an old cowshed (open every Sunday between 12-15 and other arranged times (phone +35844-5848499). All year round we also have our café (Kahvila Leivintupa) open from 11-16 on Sundays that serves our special (and secret recipe!) pancake's and coffee. Alpacas, donkeys a pony and of course our house cats Leevi and Lyyli also enjoy being petted.

Our webstore shows our stock in each of our stores. You can also ensure that we still have the product in stock by purchasing our products from the online store and choosing the collect from our store (delivery cost 0€) option.

Pick up times from our stores:

HATTULA: our main store, web orders ready to pick up next working day within opening hours.

HELSINKI: transportation from our main store every thursday late afternoon, web orders ready to pick up on friday onwards (web orders of wednesday will reach the thursday transportation).