Terms Of Delivery


      1.         Customer information

The customer must always give their name, email, delivery address and telephone number. All customer information is considered confidential, and they will not be given to any third party (see our Privacy policy).

2.         Product information

Product information and prices (including VAT 24 %) are displayed on the product pages. The prices do not include delivery costs, which will be determined by product size and weight. Domus Classica Ltd reserves rights to errors in pricing and product information, including retailer liability, extending no further than cancellation of the trade transaction.

3.         Delivery methods and charges

When viewing your shopping cart, valid delivery methods to your country are displayed in the menu. The program will calculate delivery costs by method for your products.

Our delivery methods are:




PRIORITY parcels are delivered to your home address (to the local post office in Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania). Delivery time is 3-7 working days. You will receive a tracking number by e-mail when the package is sent. You will also be informed by text message or phone call as the transport company is ready to bring the parcel to your address.

Maximum weight is 30 kg / parcel.



Express Mail

EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE (EMS) is an international service for urgent deliveries. EMS deliveries are transported abroad separately from other mail using the fastest transport alternatives available. Delivery time is usually 2-3 working days. You will receive a tracking number by e-mail when the package is sent. You will also be informed by text message or phone call as the transport company is ready to bring the parcel to your address. 

Maximum weight 30 kg / parcel.



CONSUMER PARCEL is a very cost effective delivery method to Sweden or Estonia.

ESTONIAthe parcel is delivered to your home address usually in 2-3 working days.
SWEDENthe parcel is delivered to your local shop usually in 3-4 working days (some areas 5-8 working days). There are about 1300 shops and service points in Sweden that work as a pick-up place.

In both countries y
ou will receive a tracking numer by e-mail when the package is sent. You will also be informed by text message or phone call as the transport company is ready to bring the parcel to your address (Estonia) or the package is waiting for you at your local pick-up place (Sweden).

Maximum weight 20 kg / parcel.



SmartPost PickUp Point is a convenien way to receive parcels in Finland and Estonia. Choose the closest pick-up point. Deliveries seven days per week (exl. holidays).

Maximum weight 25 kg / parcel (maximum size 60 36 60).
We send out deliveries daily from Monday morning to 2.30 pm Thursday afternoon. When your order has arrived, an SMS notice will be sent to your phone. If your product delivery is delayed, we ask that you will first get in contact with us (Tel.  +358400-232425) or by email (domus@domusclassica.fi). The most common reason for late deliveries, is that after electronic transaction the customer has forgotten to press the button to return to our service page. In this case the order does not automatically appear in our system and we have to find it using Paytrail software. So don't worry, your payment and order have not gotten lost anywhere!
Delivery time estimations for order products are mentioned separately under product information. Current time estimation for your order is made with order confirmation.

4.         Payment methods

Electronic bank transfer and credit cards
Our online shop payment options include most common credit cards, Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Eurocar, and electronic transfer through online banking (Nordea, Osuuspankki, Danske Bank, Säästöpankki/ Aktia, Nooa, Handelsbanken, Ålandsbanken, Tapiola and S-pankki) Payments are mediated by Paytrail Oyj.

As soon as you have paid your ordered products on Paypal, You will be redirected back to DomusClassica.com, and you will get a message confirming the order was successful. At this moment your order is registered on our system.

Klarna invoice and account part payment
Payment for your business using Klarna invoice is safe and easy. You will never have to give your payment card information and you will always receive your ordered products before payment. When using Klarna account payment method you can divide your order payment into parts: pay a minimum on 9 euros/month or 1/24th of the entire sum. All your purchases are collected under one account and invoice, and when making orders you pay at the end of the following month, or even pay the entirety of the invoice in one payment, if you so like. You can find the general account terms here.

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Invoice (only for companies and organizations)
We can provide an invoice to Finnish companies and organizations, but not to limited partnerships or private entrepreneurs. We'll always check  customer credibility when processing the order. Ownership of products will be transferred to the customer as soon as the invoice is fully paid.

The invoiced company must have been registered for at least 2 years.

Outside Finland

You can always pay via invoice if you live outside Finland and your order total is at least 100 €. We'll ship your order when we have confirmed payment.