What is Domus Classica?





When remodeling an old house, it must be renovated so it lasts for generations to come. We know from experience that living in an old house is a privileged way of life, after we remodeled a stable from 1910 into our personal home. While renovating we noticed how hard it was to find building materials that fit an old house. From this realization, came the spark to start the Metsäkylän navetta in 2003, where we still sell old doors, windows, bricks, wood and other materials.

Still, you can't find everything you need recycled, so five years after starting Metsäkylän navetta we founded Domus Classica. In Domus Classica we have collected products that are specifically suitable for old houses - as well as new ones. Our materials are genuine and the methods of their manufacture are as close to the original as possible. Some of our products we order custom-made to our own designs, some we have managed to include in our selections after a lot of detective work. We are proud of our product providers, who number at over 150 around Finland and Europe. We do our best to favour old family businesses, which have valued professional craftsmanship for decades. In addition to our online shop, Domus Classica has its own store outlets in Helsinki and Hattula.
We hope we can help you with your own building project!
Pia and Kimmo Kuurma