Alternator switch

surface installation

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The manufacturer has been making these switches for 60 years! So this is no retro re-issue. This switch also works as a one-way switch.
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Surface installation black light switch, change-over switch (6 position switch).

This change-over switch (6 position switch) works in conjunction with another light switch, so the light can be switched from two different places. This change-over switch can also be installed as a single point light switch.

Porcelain, black.

Light switch height 6.5 cm, base diameter approx. 6.5 cm (see diagram).

Technical specifications
Rated current 10 A, rated voltage 250 V. This light switch has CE-certification.

When installing the surface mounted electric appliance on flammable material, such as wood, you must use a protective base plate underneath (see related products).
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