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Cast Iron Radiator "Queen", height 61 cm

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There always has to be a queen!
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Stand-alone cast iron radiator.

Radiator body width 27 cm, height 51 cm and depth 22 cm. The radiator has 3 heating sections / fins. Extra sections are available (see related products).

Technical specification
Radiator weight (without water) 22.4 kg. The connecting pipe diameter is 15 mm, the thread is 1/2". A wall-mounted version of this radiator is also available without the stand.
The heating output of this size of radiator is 291 W (T 60°), every additional fin adds 97 W. In these models, the water comes and goes from the same side. If required we can also build a radiator where the water input and output are on opposite ends. This radiator has a 10 year guarantee.

The final price depends on the base radiator, additional sections/fins and the finish. The end sections (with stands) are included in the package however the manufacturer recommends supporting the radiator against a wall using a wall bracket. This radiator also requires an adjustment method which could be a thermostat (not required).

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