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For badly damaged fireplaces, repairing the holes using putty just isn't enough. Using these vermiculite panels, you can rebuild the fireplace again.
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Vermiculite panel for fireplace repair.


Vermiculite can sustain heat up to a maximum of 1150 degrees centigrade but is still able to distribute heat. It has been used successfully to repair even the most badly damaged of fireplaces.

Usage Instructions
After measuring the fireplace carefully, the panel is cut in one part for the back and side walls of the fire compartment. For fireplaces without grating, it's also possible to use a panel on the bottom. The seams of the panels are cut into a miter joint. That way the back panel doesn't need to be attached, it's enough that the side panels are attached to the top panel by using two tightening grommets (see related products). N.B. Treat the panels carefully, they will break if bent.

Panel size is 33 x 100 cm, thickness 2.5 cm (see diagram). One panel is enough to fix one fireplace.
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