Paper Insulation Window Tape

25 m

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This is the correct and traditional way (no plastic) to tighten insulation around windows and window frames!
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This tape is used for insulating inside windows during winter.

This tape is installed by soaking the paper tape and then placing over the gap between the window frame and window itself. Once the paper dries it will help to stop drafts during winter. The measured and cut tape segment should first be immersed in water and then pressed gently into place using a scraper or finger. The temperature of the room where the tape is to be installed should be around 19-21 degrees centigrade. In spring the paper can be easily removed by spraying the tape with water and giving it a moment to soak in before removing the tape.

Paper, does not contain plastic. Paper thickness 100 g/m2.

Paper width 3.5 cm, length 25 m (see diagram).
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