Speedheater Cobra Paint Removal Machine

Size of the heating area 9cm x 7cm

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Speedheater Cobra is the newest member of the Speedheater family. Agile and fast. Surface heats up in 2-5 seconds and scraping can begin quickly.
Product code: 870-040-5
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Speedheater Cobra paint removal machine. Product Cobra offers a new dimension to paint removal for professionals and home users. With Cobras agility, speed and balance it is possible to remove paint from the most difficult sites and places such as decorative cuts and window and door profiles. In just a few seconds, layers of paint are soft enough to be removed with a scraper. The sliding edge of the tool is ergonomic and adapts to its users working methods. Technical specification Power 700 W, heating time 2-5 seconds, electrical connection 220 - 240 V (1-phase), heated area 90 x 70 mm. Infra red tube usage time approximately 3000 - 5000 hours. Country of manufacture Sweden
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