Window brush, obliqued

50 mm

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Obliqued brush is suitable also for any other precise painting.
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Finishing brush, width 50 mm

Because the narrow window brushes bristles are oblique it is easier to paint window frames. It is well suited for oil-based paints.

Brush handle is made from wood and the brush is boar bristle.

Bristle width 50 mm, thickness 16 mm (see diagram).

Brush care
This natural bristle brush is long-lasting when stored correctly. After use, the excess paint should be wiped off on paper, after which the bristles is immersed in liquid - either linseed oil or water. It is important that the paintbrush is suspended in the liquid so that the bristles wont sink into the base of the pot. Finally the brush should be washed using oily soap such as soft pine soap. Before first use the brush should be soaked overnight in linseed oil.
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